Lingotto Fiere - Turin
Fall 2024

Features and seminars 2019

IN&OUT architecture and materials

Exhibit of OFARCH and DDN

By Arianna Callocchia

The exhibition “IN&OUT architecture and materials" aims at presenting the concepts of requalification, regeneration and re-cycle in architecture, both in interior and exterior spaces.

The concept of “loop”, therefore, is expressed not only through the architectural continuity between interior and exterior spaces, but also through the life cycle of the materials which are used several times, thanks to the new recovery and reuse technologies.

The fitting-out project thus represents the concept of “loop” and “infinite” through two cylindrical envelopes, an open and a closed one. When they are interconnected and interpenetrated, they generate one single architectural element, whereby the two spaces are no longer divided and separated, but continuous and inter-related.

Even the exhibition itinerary is conceived as a kind of continuous,  smooth circuit, which leads the visitor to enter and exit open or closed spaces, exploring the exhibition and the materials shown from different angles and perspectives.

All shown materials, from the natural ones to the traditional, artificial or state-of-the-art ones, have been selected because of their characteristics and properties in terms of sustainability, recycle and innovation, both IN and OUT Door.

The technical performance of the exhibited materials, their architectural applications and their possible use in the field of reuse and recovery are explained through a tactile and sensory experience.

The exhibition aims at involving architects, designers and businesses in the knowledge of the technical performance and the various scopes of some materials which make possible the design and execution of projects of recovery and architectural or urban regeneration by combining quality, aesthetics and functionality, while taking account of environmental and social sustainability. The reason for this is that the materials chosen by each designer should enhance the value of the project, considering the material life cycle, in order to ensure conscious and responsible designs.

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