Lingotto Fiere - Turin

Features and seminars 2019

Wednesday 23 October 2019

17:00 - 18:00

HQ Green Life: from the desk to the environment - 3 CFP

Arch. Enrico Frigerio (Frigerio Design)

Architectural project of the new headquarters Cavagnari of the Crédit-Agricole Italia bank. As regards energy efficiency, a strategic role in the construction of a building is played by the envelope, the complex of all façades and covers, the 'skin' which protects and delimits the internal areas from the external ones. The better the passive energy performance of the envelope, the less the energy necessary for air-conditioning. And the better the quality of the envelope material and details, the less the maintenance and management costs during the life cycle of buildings. The envelope project has been developed on the basis of these two principles from the beginning.


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